Thursday, May 23, 2013

Piling Up

My to-do list is piling up, even though I really should probably try to get the engine to run better before any of the other stuff gets done. Haha. Not only is the list piling up, but my supplies are too.

I've got new aluminum screen that I want to put on the windows and screen door. Also, I want to get some screen up across the fridge vent opening. That really was the main reason I bought some but I'll have enough to redo screens too.

Next up, I have some new hose for the water pump so that I can get rid of that leak. A simple 10 minute project for that.

I may or may not have already gone ahead and purchased a bit of new flooring. Vinyl planks. I need to buy more but I'm splitting that purchase up. More of a mental thing that anything else. I couldn't wrap my mind around spending that much in one swoop for flooring when I know I can just get sheet vinyl for way cheaper.

A new black water tank vent is already purchased. The old vent cap was busted off and all the caulking around the pipe up there is junk. This one is pretty high up on my list as the leak is fairly significant. I got one of those fancy Camco vents that looks like a torpedo and rotates with the wind. We had one for sale at work, and no one has ever bought one (in the entire history of the store I work at). So I figured why not. Side note about leaks, it looks like the leak by the fridge, which I assumed was from the fridge vent, has been fixed by the recaulking I did.

The new power steering pump came in today, and I got the new power steering hose in the mail yesterday. I've never done a power steering pump before so that one will take some research and looking into the situation. Plus, I have to pull the pulley off the old pump and press it on the new one somehow. Fun.

I think I'll try not to buy anything else until I can get what I've already got done. With any luck I'll knock quite a few of those off the list this weekend.

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