Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend


Up front, I did not get all that I intended to get done this weekend. However, I did do a bit of being lazy and I enjoyed that quite splendidly. That said, let's go over what I did manage to get done.

First up, I got the new waste tank vent installed. The old one was busted, but really what could that do? So I get rain water in my waste tanks? Not ideal but not awful either. The main issue was all the old caulking was bad and I'm pretty sure was the source of a pretty nice leak. The new vent is one of those Camco swivel ones, and it doesn't actually swivel all the way around due to its location, so it's kind of pointless. If I wanted it to swivel I would have had to add a section of pipe to raise it up. I was mostly concerned with fixing a leak, and using what I had already bought.

Not the best or prettiest job in the world but no caulking job is set it and forget it, so I'll be checking it off and on anyway.

Next up, I put a screen over the top of fridge vent to keep the critters and bugs out. I just caulked it down around the edges and it should work just fine. I will be back up there in a while as I plan to snake my solar panel wires down that vent when I get those moved over from the van. Also, check out the picture of the NEST I dug out of on top of the fridge. Glad I put a screen up there now!

Speaking of the fridge, I'm not sure if it's working. I know the freezer portion is cooling off a lot but the actual fridge part doesn't seem to be. Maybe I'm not waiting long enough? I've waited at least an hour, I think even two hours.

The screen door got new screen too. I'm going with aluminum screen because I actually kind of like how it looks and because my cats should have a much harder time destroying it. They've always been very good around screens for me, though.

I had to step back on Sunday and work on something NOT motorhome related, just to keep myself sane. I'm a little frustrated and at a loss as to where to start to try to figure out my engine troubles. Now I have a new choke thermostat arriving on Wednesday, and I would be ecstatic if it fixed things. That being said, I still want to check the timing but need to buy a timing light.
Putting the new power steering pump on was one of the big projects planned for this weekend also but I really was hesitant to dive into that one. I started it this afternoon. The old pump came out pretty easily.
The big problem with that one being I had to pull the pulley off and put it on the new pump. A trip to Autozone to rent a power steering pulley puller and I got right to work on it. The old pulley came off with some difficulty, but I got it off. By then the drizzling rain was persistant and I had to do laundry for the week so I called it a day before I got to install the new pump. This kind of works out for me in a few ways because now I can buy the new belts I really should get installed before I put it all back together, and it gives me a chance to buy a timing light and look things over with the pump off. I think it'll probably be easier to look at all of that with the power steering pump removed.

Back to work for 3 days, and then I get Friday off. After that, I don't know yet.

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