Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Looking it over

I've now had a chance to start looking the motorhome over.

I found the reason for my soft brake pedal. It was the rear brakes as expected. There was a pretty good leak in the back where the metal line meets the rubber hose. I ended up not being able to get that line out of the hose so I have a new hose ordered. The bad news being I won't have working brakes by the end of today like I had hoped. I have the new metal line already in place, I just need to find my flare tool and put the fittings on both ends.

I was able to put to rest my fears that a twin mattress wouldn't fit where the couch is. It fits perfectly, without an inch to spare. That means I'll probably be taking the couch out completely and building a platform for the mattress. I do kind of like the couch, however.

Testing of system components has started also. I've mainly been focusing on the water system so far. Water tank seems good, and it looks like all the connections to and from are good. Kitchen sink works as it should. Bathroom sink works, but it looks like the shower head part isn't working that well. I played around with the toilet and to my surprise everything looks good there too. I did find a leak underneath. It's coming from a pipe that's under a mass of insulation and undercoating, so just a few drips are coming through. I'm not sure which drain that pipe is coming from yet.

The new taillights came yesterday. And while I discovered the connections on those were NOT my turn signal problem I'm still glad for them. Much nicer looking and the lenses are all in one piece. My turn signal problem was actually from a loose and rusty ground on the front. Sanded and tightened, it all works great now.

None of the dash lights worked when I bought it either. I got that taken apart (easy, 4 screws) and replaced a bulb. The side with the speedometer has a different problem. There's two sockets on that side, one is completely missing and one is broken. Luckily work has them in stock so I'll buy two new sockets for that side tomorrow and I will have working dash lights!

Where to go from here or what to do today I'm not sure. I'm hesitant to really dive into any major-ish interior projects until I know my brakes are solid and that the engine is running well.

Here's some pictures of the motorhome mostly as was when I bought it. The only real change being the engine picture. In that picture I've already replaced the PCV valve, PCV grommets, the breather cap and hose, and also various vacuum tubes. Still more to do on that front.



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