Saturday, August 15, 2015


A quick update is in order, I suppose.

I plan to change this blog eventually, I think. Or possibly get rid of it until I'm ready to actively update it.

BUT, for now. I've been "living in" the motorhome since April. I sleep out there every night and my cats are out there too. But I'm still just at my parents so I use the shower and whatnot in the house.

For Memorial Day I went up north to hang out with an ex-coworker of mine and met a bunch of people up there. It was a good time and a good trip for the motorhome!

Shortly after that I headed back up to that general area and hung out in the national forest for 2 weeks before heading back home for birthdays and whatnot. I've been at home since.

While here, I replaced all the brakes on the motorhome and that's partly why I haven't driven it since. I'm just nervous about it, since I had to deal with bearings and taking entire hubs off and whatnot. The rear brakes were too tight originally. I've backed them off now, even though it was a pain to do it.. I hope I didn't wreck anything inside during that. I haven't driven it since I backed the rear brakes off.

I need to take it for a drive soon and make sure the brakes and everything are good because I'm heading back up to the same area with the same people on Labor Day, but I won't be able to stay as long because I have to be back on Saturday for a family event.

I've got new rear tires and new 16" rims to put on the rear so I can get rid of the odd 16.5" size. I just did that yesterday so they're not on the motorhome yet. Looking for some tires to put on the front of the van so that I can use the tires on there right now on the front of the motorhome. My current plan is to junk out the van when the time comes.

I'm planning on finally setting sail after Labor Day.  At long last! Things are finally lining up in a way that I feel comfortable about. My only plans as of right now are to hit Elkhart, IN to see the RV museum, and then Mammoth Caves National Park. Just kind of a general direction. I'm only thinking 25-30 miles a day. So it'll be a leisurely journey, but I don't consider this a vacation. It's a way of life. Slower travel means making the money stretch.

There's an update for now. I'm excited for after Labor Day. I don't have a specific day or anything. And now I'm waiting for a new vanity license plate to come in "2-3 weeks", which still should be before Labor Day. Adventures to come!