Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bed Update

There's quite a few discount mattress places by work that have been advertising on craigslist. I had actually been planning to buy from a certain store for weeks and then at the last minute I went to a different store to check out their 'fabric mismatch' mattresses. It's all I looked at, I bought one. I haven't used a mattress in so long I really have nothing to compare it to so it will be great.

I took a little nap on it during lunch today. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to lower the bed, I just don't know how I'm going to cut the legs down easily at this point. It's just a little too high and awkward. I can see it becoming pretty cozy once I get used to it and once I lower it.

I bought some new sheets and a pillow for  it all tonight after work. Super excited for my lunch break tomorrow, haha.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

New Tires and a Kind-Of-Bed.

Last week we had a bit of snow and the morning commute was interesting to say the least. The van pretty much slid down a hill towards a red light. It turned green but it's a short light and in the end I just ended up running the red light rather than try to get my slip sliding hulk of a van to stop. With more snow slated for this week I decided it was time to stop trying to find decent tires on craigslist and went yesterday morning to buy two brand new tires. Here's hoping it stops better now that it has decent tires all the way around.

I thought I had mentioned it here but found no mention. There was some free wood around the corner from my work a few weeks ago so I got that, and now I've made a bed out of it. None of the pieces were long enough to span the entire length of a twin mattress so I had to use two pieces joined in the middle. Not my ideal situation but it was free.

A twin mattress takes up a lot of space. I'm having second thoughts now. I don't have a mattress yet so I'm not entirely sure this will work out. While I was building it the bed slowly got higher and higher as I thought things through. Now that it's built I think it's a little too high, but I won't know until I get a mattress and give it a try. And to be honest I don't really want to go through and saw all the legs down at this point either.

The weather has been nice while I'm at work, but lately every weekend has been snowy or rainy or I just don't have time. I find it very frustrating.
While I enjoy building my van and knowing exactly how things were put together and all of that, right now I'm thinking I would have enjoyed it a lot more to just buy a premade camper van. Even if things weren't the way I wanted them at least I could have had things already built and then do small modifications to suit myself. This coming from a guy that's pretty handy, but doesn't really have the best construction skills. 

Part of living in a van is supposed to simplify my life. With putting so much time into building it, I feel like it has only complicated my life for the time being.

I'll get there eventually.