Thursday, May 29, 2014

Yes, New Engine.

There's the new engine! Fresh in its shipping container and sitting in the back of my van. Unfortunately it looks like I'll probably be driving around with this thing in the back for a couple days.

In the end the company I bought it through "wasn't allowed" to ship engines to my work. Some sort of agreements dealing with competition and whatnot. So I changed the ship-to address to my house, but in the end it worked out and I just picked it up from the freight companies hub. Which, by all means of luck, just happened to be a couple miles down the road from my work anyway. It couldn't have worked out better.

The new work schedule was out yesterday and for some reason I now have Sunday and Monday off, when I was only planning on having Monday off originally. I might get to start tearing into this project this weekend. Hopefully all will go relatively easily, but I'm getting a little anxious about the upcoming challenge.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New Engine?

I've never quite been satisfied with the way the motorhome runs. Don't get me wrong, it fires right up, every time, the first time. But I don't like the way it smokes, or the way it idles until it's fully warmed up, or the way it smells. I realize it's a beast from the late 70's with less strict emissions controls, but still.

So, now I'm leaning heavily towards, and almost ready to take the plunge, ordering a new engine. It's not complete, I will have to take a number of things off of my old one. However, the main guts that I should have had rebuilt last year while I had the heads off will all be redone. I can only hope that after such a purchase I would have a smooth running machine once it's all tuned up.

I look at other motorhomes and whatnot. To be able to get anything that I would feel confident in I'd be spending $5000+. So for less than $2000, and me doing all the labor, I should be able to have a pretty nice running motorhome with a ton of new parts that's pretty easy to work on. Plus I've already customized the inside a lot, I've already added my solar panels, and a ton of other stuff. It's impossible to know what you're getting in a used motorhome too. The engines are put through tremendous stress. Run hard, and then parked for years, and then run hard again.

I feel like throwing a couple thousand at it and a handful of hours will be well worth it at this point. Aside from the looming anxiety of finally making the leap to motorhome life, my main hesitation to doing so is the engine. And the smoke and the smell. I don't want to drive around leaving a cloud of smoke and exhaust stink. Even if a part of me feels like it adds a million points to ramblin' man status. The worse it runs, the more cool you are, right?

My main concern now is where to have it shipped to. I can probably have it shipped to work, which is by far the easiest option. I feel like they'd be a little annoyed by having a competitors engine shipped there. Even though it's the same brand we sell, but I can get a way better price through someone else. It is what it is. I'll probably push for an answer tomorrow on whether or not I can have it shipped to work. If I get the okay, I might even put the order through tomorrow too.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Loving Decluttering

As it turns out, I'm really starting to enjoy decluttering my life. So much, in fact, that my mind starts to wander to business opportunities related to it. Haha. I doubt I'll be cleaning out other people's clutter any time soon though. I have other ideas I'd rather persue first, once I get all of this clutter out of my life and mind.

I find it so, so liberating to open a box in storage, and see that it's all papers that were once considered oh-so-important. When I see that, I can quickly leaf through them and throw the entire box away. These are papers from a very stressful time of my life. Bills and responsibilites through the roof. Throw them in the back of the van and later release them to the dump. Good-bye stress and 'important' responsibilities.

The goal for getting that thing cleared out by the end of July is starting to seem incredibly doable. For some reason I just realized 'end of July' really means July 25th. After that date I'd have to pay for another full month anyway.

I'm beginning to be very thankful that my storage company keeps raising my rates. As of the first of the year they started forcing me to pay a $9/month insurance fee. Which brought my bill up to $97/month. If that wasn't enough, in March they raised my rate $5 to a nice $102/month. I realize this is actually pretty cheap compared to a lot of areas across the country. However, to finally hit that $100 mark really got my brain thinking and realizing how ridiculous it is to keep paying that, and keeping JUNK that I never even look at. When I first started renting my unit I was paying $83/month. Even that is insane if you think logically, but it was reasonable in my mind at the time.

Just looking through it all, I'm shocked I've only been paying $102 since March. It seems like I've been paying that much for longer. It makes me feel even better about myself that I got motivated fairly quickly and said enough is enough.

I just paid my unit up through June 25th. I'm curious to see if that will be the last time I pay that bill, or if I'll have to break down and pay for one more month.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A New Goal

I finally set a goal for myself, gave myself a time frame for something. My new goal is to have my storage unit completely cleaned out by the end of July. If I'm really good then the end of June, but at the very latest the end of July. This weekend is looking very nice for getting some good work done on that front. 3 days off and amazing weather.

I moved the motorhome for the first time since it was parked for the winter the other day. And tomorrow is going to be 80 for the first time since October. Yay.

The car I was hoping to sell did end up selling last week. So that was very nice and some money in my pocket. He didn't end up buying some of the spare parts I have that I was pretty sure he would. Oh well. Great to see that big empty spot in the yard.

Unfortunately, now I have a bunch of spare Falcon parts in the back of my van with no where to really put them, and me wanting to make at least one trip to the dump this weekend. I'll be very honest, at this point I have no interest in trying to sell them anymore. They might end up going to the dump or scrap yard. Is the time, energy, and mental effort worth a few hundred bucks... good case scenario? Not really, especially when I consider I sold some parts (for cheap) worth a lot of money to that guy the other day without a second thought just to get them out of my way.

I need to keep my narrow-minded, "get rid of things", attitude going.

(I might have also thrown out a whimsical goal of leaving my job in 4 or 5 months. But nothing set very firmly on that one. I think I need to stick to it though, and throw my sails to the wind.)