The Motorhome

My motorhome is a 1977 Chinook Concourse on a Dodge chassis. I bought it in Northern Michigan up near the Mackinaw Bridge and drove it the 250 miles home with no problems back in May 2013. The brakes were incredibly soft as I later discovered there was a good size leak in the rear brake line.

I have spent a year and a half replacing almost everything on this old motorhome, while leaving most of the interior as original but modifying where it suits my needs. I've replaced everything from the entire motor, to the shocks, to the steering gear box. In the end, I hope to get years of service out of the old beast.

As of September 2014 I'm still not moved into it but I'm not far off. The only real issue I'm dealing with now is myself. It's kind of a make it or break it deal on whether I'm going to hit the road before the snow flies or not. The other possibility is sticking through winter where I'm at and then exploring Michigan come the good weather next year.