Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Throw it ALL Away.

My storage unit has been my nemesis for years. Yes, years. I've been paying on this unit for years. That's a lot of money. It's 10 x 20 unit, which would run pretty expensive in most parts of the country. It started out 'reasonable' and lately they just keep raising my rates. Still cheap in comparison, but too rich for my blood.

My deadline to get everything moved out is this Friday. 3 days away, basically 2 days. I've given up thinking I'm going to make it, and I'll end up paying another $102 for another month of storage. I could literally load everything into the back of my van, make a few trips to the dump, and have it all completely out of my life for less than $102 at this point. The dump is $28/load.

It's to tempting.

All the blog posts and articles online about getting rid of your stuff, decluttering your life, and going towards minimalism still want you to either sell or donate your valuables. That's so much work! I don't care about this stuff anymore, I don't want to put the time into cleaning it up enough to donate it, or listing it on web sites and dealing with flakes or even messing with true, genuine people for a $2 item. Or free items. It doesn't matter. I don't want to do it.

All I've wanted is one person to say, "It's okay to throw away half way decent things in order to get your life back". So far I haven't found that. Surely there are people out there that are doing it. Just chucking it all into a dumpster and rejoicing at their new freedom.

I'm pretty sure it's what I'm going to have to do in the end. Honestly, I don't have that great of stuff. Most of my 'best' stuff already went to the dump because it was full of mildew from being in storage. And don't get me wrong, I have taken a couple trips to Goodwill to donate.

I have trouble with things like microwaves (that I never cleaned before I put in storage), and old TVs. Surely someone could use them, but I don't want to clean them and make them presentable. Metal I have a problem with. I know I can get money for metal. But lately I've been realizing I don't have enough to really scrap out, and wouldn't it be a lot easier and a load off my mind to just bring it to the dump with the rest of it?

I struggle with things that someone in my family might want or could use. Even though I know I'd be doing us all a favor to just get rid of it and never tell them about it. Hoarding seems to run in my family.

Is it okay to just take it all to the dump and be done with it?

Truth is, even when I get my storage cleaned out I still have plenty of stuff to contend with. Right now my old travel trailer is filling up with stuff, I've even had to put some things in the motorhome. I feel like I'm going backwards a little. I have literally no where to keep anything, so just get rid of it. Yeah?

Thursday, July 10, 2014

On My Own Again

The job is done and over, and I was replaced by the start of the next week. They didn't even try to get me to stay, which was a little shocking. My manager's final words on the matter were, "A man has to do what a man has to do". I had never made it a secret that I wasn't going to be there forever. He knows of my restless mind and ideas. He stopped over at the house several weeks back while I was literally in the middle of taking the old engine out of the motorhome. Doesn't take a genius to see my plans. Even still, I'm sure I mentioned my plans were never to leave my job this soon. The workplace had changed and I couldn't stand being there anymore. So I did what I had to do.

I have been lazy this week. I know I can't be lazy. I told myself I can't be lazy or else it will become a routine. I justify it by calling this week a vacation. I just got done serving 2.5 years, surely I deserve a week to be lazy.

Even still, I have managed to get a bit done on the motorhome. It's filled with coolant again. The entire front side of the engine is put together, tightened bolts and whatnot. It has been filled with oil twice now. The first time I was priming the system and 2 quarts of oil came rushing out the filter adapter plate. Apparently there WAS supposed to be a gasket there. Drain, and repeat. Gasket is in place and I put a little RTV around it for safe measure. Filled and primed tonight, and all seems well. This has not been an easy project, all of the smallest, most frustrating, things have been going wrong.

That there is the end of one, actually two, annoying projects. The side note is the alternator bolt there. Incredibly difficult to get lined up with the hole in the head. It's done though. The real story is that yellow dipstick. The original dipstick tube broke when I was taking the old engine out. On Monday I went to a u-wrench-it type junkyard and got a tube and dipstick off of a newer Dodge truck. It was different, but would make do. Well, last night I was installing it and it broke off in the new engine. It came out easy enough (actually, my dad got it out while I was washing up). Off to the junkyard again today. The three trucks I had in mind were not going to give up their dipstick tubes easily. I spent plenty of time and it was clear they were just going to break like the others. I had basically given up and went to look at other vehicles in the lot just for the fun of it. I found two Dodge Dakotas and noted that it looked like their tubes might be the same also. The first one I tried, wouldn't you know it, the tube came right out. I was back in business. I tried to take the other one off for a spare but it wasn't going anywhere either.

Long story short, the 77 Dodge now has a dipstick tube out of a Dodge Dakota Sport of unknown year, and I kept the dipstick from the first truck.. a 97 Dodge 1500. The add and full lines don't match up, I had to make my own with a file. After the run around on something so simple / dumb, I'm fine with what I've got.

I would like to think that the rest of the project will go easily. I don't foresee anymore issues. Here's hoping, but nothing about this has been easy.