Monday, December 16, 2013

Where the motorhome at?


There it is! Lately, it's been getting buried more and more on a daily basis. It will likely stay there through the winter, unfortunately.
It's still the plan. I haven't abandoned it. However, I've "come to my senses" if you will and have more or less worked things out with my current employer. It really was just poor timing on my part and was based on nothing more than an emotional reaction of coming up on my 2 year anniversary at one job, having no money, and feeling like I'm not necessarily headed in a direction I want.
I've got a new focus on spending as little money as possible and SAVING money, as much money, as I can. Part of that plan is to move into the motorhome as soon as I feel that I can. Once things start warming up again. I kind of want to live in it "in the winter" and do this whole blog/youtube angle of living in a motorhome in REAL winter. Another one of those situations in which I think I'd do just fine if it was just me and if I didn't have to be concerned about my cats. Oh well.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Got a GoPro

So I got myself a GoPro, and there's one of the first two videos I've done. I don't want to do too many time lapses because I'm not a big fan of them really. They definitely have a place, but I feel they are overdone a lot of times.

I was also more or less forced to come clean to my manager today about my plans to leave in a month. They want me to take on another role but I didn't feel right just going along with it and having them invest that time in me if I was leaving in a month anyway.

We had a long talk about it but in the end it was a "well, think about it" type deal and we'll get back together next week. My plan was to deal with this on my own and then in 3 weeks I would either let him know I was leaving, or just stay and never have mentioned any of it.

I wish I could be more confident about which way to go. As it stands I have very little money and no plan. The only real thing I have to go on is that I feel like I need to trust myself, and myself is ready to move on. Overall I'm scared, no matter which way things go, I'm still scared.

I wish everything, every decision, in my life didn't feel so final all the time.