Thursday, December 5, 2013

Got a GoPro

So I got myself a GoPro, and there's one of the first two videos I've done. I don't want to do too many time lapses because I'm not a big fan of them really. They definitely have a place, but I feel they are overdone a lot of times.

I was also more or less forced to come clean to my manager today about my plans to leave in a month. They want me to take on another role but I didn't feel right just going along with it and having them invest that time in me if I was leaving in a month anyway.

We had a long talk about it but in the end it was a "well, think about it" type deal and we'll get back together next week. My plan was to deal with this on my own and then in 3 weeks I would either let him know I was leaving, or just stay and never have mentioned any of it.

I wish I could be more confident about which way to go. As it stands I have very little money and no plan. The only real thing I have to go on is that I feel like I need to trust myself, and myself is ready to move on. Overall I'm scared, no matter which way things go, I'm still scared.

I wish everything, every decision, in my life didn't feel so final all the time.

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  1. Thats awesome ive been interested in doing that but just havent got into it.