About Driveby Andy

Introduction / Summary

Hello! I'm Driveby Andy. That's a silly name I came up with years ago on the internet because I've always enjoyed just driving around aimlessly. Fast forward to today and I thought it was a nice name for someone that is working on becoming a vandweller and adventurer.

I'm a 27 year old man that grew up in Michigan in a normal family that never took vacations or traveled. Upon graduating high school I started my own internet business that took off and did very well for a number of years, until one day I had a mortgage, commercial mortgage, car loan, and a ton of utility bills and things started to go poorly.

Lots of details and years spared, a fresh start has been born. In my 'new life' I did two jobs out of state that were directed towards RVers and I lived in my 16 foot 1966 Yellowstone travel trailer. I loved the freedom and to simply feel like I had control and was doing what I wanted to be doing. After my last out of state job I returned to Michigan and moved in with my parents, where I'm currently at. I work a full time job and am dreaming of getting back out on the road. This time, instead of towing a trailer around I'm planning to go in a van. Towing isn't that bad really, but it does stress me out just a little at times so a van is the way to go, in my mind. Follow along as work continues on the van and as more definite departure plans may or may not materialize.

Hobbies and Interests

There are things out there that I sometime hope to be able to explore and do a lot more often than I currently do. These are some of those things.

Kayaking - I love kayaking. I stick to lakes and I can't swim so I wear a life jacket at all times. Haha. A kayak can take you to so many great places. One time I floated through a bunch of lilypads and literally hundreds of young dragonflies were flying all around me and landing on me. Kind of creepy but still really cool.

Geocaching - Geocaching can be a ton of fun, especially when you find those really unique and well thought out caches. Even the basic ones are great though because it gives you an excuse to get outside and something to DO while you're there.

Nature / Wildlife / Tracking / Hiking - This is something I wish I knew a lot more about. I have a hard time spending time in nature without feeling in a rush. I'm trying to learn more about identifying tracks and finding animals and all of that. Where I live now I have trail cams setup now and then and I've gotten pictures of coyotes, gray foxes, red foxes, bobcats, deer, and rabbits. I feel so disconnected or uneducated about nature on a whole that I often get discouraged, but deep down it is important to me. When I was a kid I wanted to be a Conservation Officer, just because it was the only job I knew of that I could be outside with nature.

Metal Detecting - Zero experience. I want to get into it though.

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