Sunday, May 11, 2014

Loving Decluttering

As it turns out, I'm really starting to enjoy decluttering my life. So much, in fact, that my mind starts to wander to business opportunities related to it. Haha. I doubt I'll be cleaning out other people's clutter any time soon though. I have other ideas I'd rather persue first, once I get all of this clutter out of my life and mind.

I find it so, so liberating to open a box in storage, and see that it's all papers that were once considered oh-so-important. When I see that, I can quickly leaf through them and throw the entire box away. These are papers from a very stressful time of my life. Bills and responsibilites through the roof. Throw them in the back of the van and later release them to the dump. Good-bye stress and 'important' responsibilities.

The goal for getting that thing cleared out by the end of July is starting to seem incredibly doable. For some reason I just realized 'end of July' really means July 25th. After that date I'd have to pay for another full month anyway.

I'm beginning to be very thankful that my storage company keeps raising my rates. As of the first of the year they started forcing me to pay a $9/month insurance fee. Which brought my bill up to $97/month. If that wasn't enough, in March they raised my rate $5 to a nice $102/month. I realize this is actually pretty cheap compared to a lot of areas across the country. However, to finally hit that $100 mark really got my brain thinking and realizing how ridiculous it is to keep paying that, and keeping JUNK that I never even look at. When I first started renting my unit I was paying $83/month. Even that is insane if you think logically, but it was reasonable in my mind at the time.

Just looking through it all, I'm shocked I've only been paying $102 since March. It seems like I've been paying that much for longer. It makes me feel even better about myself that I got motivated fairly quickly and said enough is enough.

I just paid my unit up through June 25th. I'm curious to see if that will be the last time I pay that bill, or if I'll have to break down and pay for one more month.

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