Thursday, May 29, 2014

Yes, New Engine.

There's the new engine! Fresh in its shipping container and sitting in the back of my van. Unfortunately it looks like I'll probably be driving around with this thing in the back for a couple days.

In the end the company I bought it through "wasn't allowed" to ship engines to my work. Some sort of agreements dealing with competition and whatnot. So I changed the ship-to address to my house, but in the end it worked out and I just picked it up from the freight companies hub. Which, by all means of luck, just happened to be a couple miles down the road from my work anyway. It couldn't have worked out better.

The new work schedule was out yesterday and for some reason I now have Sunday and Monday off, when I was only planning on having Monday off originally. I might get to start tearing into this project this weekend. Hopefully all will go relatively easily, but I'm getting a little anxious about the upcoming challenge.

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