Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A New Goal

I finally set a goal for myself, gave myself a time frame for something. My new goal is to have my storage unit completely cleaned out by the end of July. If I'm really good then the end of June, but at the very latest the end of July. This weekend is looking very nice for getting some good work done on that front. 3 days off and amazing weather.

I moved the motorhome for the first time since it was parked for the winter the other day. And tomorrow is going to be 80 for the first time since October. Yay.

The car I was hoping to sell did end up selling last week. So that was very nice and some money in my pocket. He didn't end up buying some of the spare parts I have that I was pretty sure he would. Oh well. Great to see that big empty spot in the yard.

Unfortunately, now I have a bunch of spare Falcon parts in the back of my van with no where to really put them, and me wanting to make at least one trip to the dump this weekend. I'll be very honest, at this point I have no interest in trying to sell them anymore. They might end up going to the dump or scrap yard. Is the time, energy, and mental effort worth a few hundred bucks... good case scenario? Not really, especially when I consider I sold some parts (for cheap) worth a lot of money to that guy the other day without a second thought just to get them out of my way.

I need to keep my narrow-minded, "get rid of things", attitude going.

(I might have also thrown out a whimsical goal of leaving my job in 4 or 5 months. But nothing set very firmly on that one. I think I need to stick to it though, and throw my sails to the wind.)

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