Saturday, May 18, 2013

New Fuel Pump

I got the new fuel pump installed tonight! Not bad, considering that was going to be my big project for MONDAY.

Also, I got my second subscriber to my YouTube channel tonight. Yay!

The fuel pump wasn't too bad. Tight area and I had to find different positions to angle my arms around. Very messy too, since everything in that area is covered with oil. It started up pretty easily again, and I only had one fuel leak where I had to tighten down a hose clamp better. I ran it for about 10 minutes and drove it up the driveway. While I was backing it in to park it again it died on me. No more fuel getting to the carb. I blew out both of my fuel filters in case something got clogged in there with the new pump, and then I redid one of the new rubber hoses that I think probably was getting kinked. Still wouldn't start again though. Sprayed some starting fluid in the carb a few times. Nothing. I was going to give up for the night when I decided I had nothing to lose and did the starting fluid maybe three times more, and the old beast fired up again. I ran it for another 10 minutes and shut it off.

Unfortunately, once again, I don't think my poor idling problem has been fixed. Even still, it seems like it's running pretty smooth while giving it some gas. Just as long as I'm not at a complete idle.

Work again tomorrow.  I guess tomorrow night I'll finish replacing all the vacuum hoses. Anything beyond that and I'll start really feeling like I'm just throwing money at it, or that it'll be the timing or the carb, which I know I can figure out, but is currently beyond my knowledge set.

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