Friday, May 3, 2013

Monday yet?

I can't wait to get another day off from work on Monday so I can actually LOOK at my new motorhome! How cruel it's been to get back with the motorhome at 9pm on Wednesday night, in the dark, and then have to work the next 4 days.

At least work closes early on the weekends so I should be home by 6pm, and might get maybe 2 hours each night to look at it. That's not really enough time to really jump into the thorough inspection I want to do though.

Thursday morning I woke up early and had maybe an hour to poke around. Not much got accomplished.

I'm trying to stay focused on the immediate issues, but it's hard to keep my mind from wandering and looking at getting things done that, at this point, would simply be 'nice' instead of 'needed'.

The exterior lights are one thing that I always love. I consider upgrading to LEDs but you just can't beat the warm glow of a filament bulb. I have two clearance lights out due to cracked lenses resulting in bad connections. One of my tail lights has a bad connection issue and I discovered that both lenses were badly broken so that's actually been the first thing I've ordered for the motorhome. New tail light assemblies. I'm really hoping they'll be here by Tuesday since I have Tuesday off too, but they're coming from California so I'm not holding my breath. One of my front turn signals was randomly unplugged. Plugged that back in and it works, but the side marker/turn signal on the side doesn't work, even after replacing the burnt bulb. The other side is just the opposite. The side mark/turn signal works but the main one in the front doesn't. I've already bought an arsenal of bulbs for this thing but it looks like I'll still be buying a few more.

Oh hey, a quick note. I posted my first video on YouTube last night. I'm still a bit hesitant about it, but it's part of the plan so I guess I need to get comfortable with it. The plan is to make videos regularly. In the beginning it'll mostly be about getting the motorhome ready I guess, and eventually it'll transition to being about actually living in and adjusting to living in the motorhome. Same as the blog pretty much, but with slightly different content and just two different ways to follow along! My username on YouTube is imdrivebyandy  -- Or you can just check out the YouTube widget I added to the right side of this blog.


  1. Andy, just saw your videa and left a comment for ya regarding your new moho. I'm thinking it's an excellent choice for ya, and that you should continue with the liquidation of stuff you're not gonna use regardless of the sentimental value of it (would a picture work just as well if you're not using the item?). We've been through those same thoughts, and in the end, for us, it just doesn't matter if we have the things we can no longer use.

    Something to consider if you haven't done so already is checking the shocks, the toilet ball seal (remember: that stuff can really stink, ya know?), and the propane/co2 detector. These are all things that we had to replace that we hadn't counted on and they were surprises to us.

    Have fun with it, and use it well.

    1. Thank, Charley. I'm a big fan of the fact that it has a fiberglass shell, and that even the ceiling inside is fiberglass so if there IS a leak somewhere I'll hopefully notice it sooner and it won't be soaking into a wood ceiling forever before it's even noticeable.

      You know I sold my '61 Falcon a few months back and it was a difficult thing to sell but ever since it's been gone I haven't missed it. I've thought about it a few times, but only about how I didn't miss it. I'm trying to stay strong and keep getting rid of things.

    2. I had a 62 Falcon 2 door sedan with a 170 cid. Nice car. Don't know much about your Falcon, but mine NEVER got better than 19 mpg or so. Kinda upset me since it was supposed to be an economy car! Two days after I got it, the transmission linkage broke only allowing me to use 1st and reverse. Although I had other troubles with it, it was a dear car and I did enjoy it. Sorry for your loss, hope you enjoyed your Falcon while ya had it.