Monday, May 13, 2013

Bed, Brakes, and More

To my complete surprise I managed to get the bed built today. It's simple, and just a bed, but you wouldn't believe how great it makes me feel about the whole project now. It's even sturdy, and doesn't look half bad. For some reason it really makes my vision feel real and motivates me.

Finishing up the brake project only took about two hours this morning. I might have to bleed the brakes a little better but I've got pedal and brakes as it is now. As far as I have seen there's no leaks in the connections. I don't have any pictures of any of the brake work but there is a video on YouTube if you care to see more of that.

I caulked up the fridge vent this evening. It should fix the leak I hope. I want to make sure the leaks are all taken care of before I put down any new flooring. Which I'm pretty anxious to do, but I'll try to hold off on that until the time is right.

Just for the fun of it since I had brakes and could move the motorhome again I lined it up with the van and took some pictures of them both. They're the exact same length. Pretty cool.



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