Friday, May 10, 2013

Dash Lights

It's a small victory, but I'll take it. I dove into this project last weekend, as mentioned in a previous post. I put the new sockets I got from work in a few nights ago and it immediately blew the fuse. It was dark so I gave up. Then last night I gave it another go, and I burnt out 4 more fuses. Since a good portion of the rear of the cluster is apparently a circuit board, more or less, I screwed it all back together before my final try. Assuming it was shorting out on another piece of dash. Another flip of the headlight switch and nothing. So I gave up once more. Today at work I bought 15 more fuses because I figured I'd be burning through a lot more of them.

When I got home I went to tackle the project again before heading in the house at all. To my surprise the fuse never did blow the last time last night. I flipped the headlights on again and I had all the dash lights! So it remains to be seen but I think I have my dash light problem fixed. Another story for another day is that I think the actual headlight switch itself is going bad too.

When I drove the motorhome home it got dark for maybe the last 15 minutes, and that was enough to drive me crazy. I'm a big fan of having dash lights.

And hey, now at least all 6 fuses in the fuse block under the dash are brand new. Haha.

Brake hose came in yesterday. That project is number one on the list for my upcoming days off. Building the new bed platform is also high on that list.

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