Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ready and Waiting

Serious lack of photos with the last few posts, I apologize. Not so much a lack of me taking any, but how many pictures of a torn apart engine can I show you.

I'm still waiting for my new heads to arrive. I have pretty good reason to expect them to be in my hands tomorrow, but I'm still prepared for otherwise. I had this weekend off, but I chose to be very lazy and not get much of anything done. My excuse was the heat, which was true, but I also just didn't feel like putting on my 'motorhome clothes' which are literally covered in dirt and grease. It was nice to do nothing and not have to clean up afterwards.

I did manage to do some kayaking yesterday, and checked out some newer hiking trails a little north of here. I wasn't planning on hiking, and the mosquitoes were terrible. I had my first lost-in-the-woods panic. It wasn't so much that I was lost, though I was on criss-crossing trails that I had never been on before. The mosquitoes were swarming so bad I actually looked around at one point for a swarm of bees, they were that loud. It brought on a 'get me out of here asap' panic and I didn't know which route was the fastest route back out. I made it back out, safe and sound. Another car had pulled in while I was on the trails. It left me wondering if maybe they saw me along the way swatting and running down the trails like a madman.

Tonight I found some motivation to get something done and I cleaned up the engine block and got all the mating surfaces on the block and various manifolds ready for their new gaskets and for everything to be slapped back together. I'm completely ready for my new heads now. And I'm waiting.

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