Saturday, June 15, 2013

Old Exhaust is Out

The old exhaust is out! The passenger side bolts to the manifold came out pretty easily. The driver's side bolts ended up being cut out with a reciprocating saw. Try getting one of those things up and into place in such a tight and awkward space. Luckily my dad helped me out.
By the time it got dark I had three of the four bolts for the new Y-pipe in place and ready to be tightened up. The 4th bolt is in place and has a nut on it, but I need to take the nut back off and add some washers and a lock washer. So that's the plan for after work tomorrow. Hopefully get the Y-pipe in place and tightened up. At that point the rest should be easy. Muffler slips on, and then the tailpipe slips on. Fingers crossed, I'll have the new exhaust in place by the end of tomorrow night.
This all might seem pointless with my previous post mentioning that major engine work might be needed/done very soon but I figure it should come back off pretty easy now should I need to again. I've still been leaning in the direction of taking the heads off, but at the same time I'm tempted to drive it a little more (maybe to work a few times) and see what I think after that.

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