Thursday, June 6, 2013

New Carb vs Old Carb

My new rebuilt carb came today. After looking it over and getting the old one taken off I've, so far, noticed three main differences. Two of the vacuum ports on the front of the carb simply do not exist. So I have to figure out how big of a deal that is. And then the third difference is the cruise control linkage. Which I should probably be able to take off of the old one, but it's not that simple.

One of the two vacuum lines won't be a huge deal I don't think. I'm pretty sure that line was the one capped off with a golf tee when I bought it, and if I remember correctly I drove it the entire way home with it capped off.

This is just a teaser post. I will post more after I assess the situation better and have more time. One more day of work and then I have some days off.

Oh, and while taking the old carb off I have definitely noticed some major gasket leaks in it, and one of the mounting nuts was already loose. So my confidence in the new carb at least making a pretty good difference is rising.

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