Saturday, June 8, 2013

New Carb Installed / Pending Exhaust Work?

So.. The good news I guess is that I got the new carb installed, and I actually got everything running again. Since the new carb had 2 less vacuum ports I listened to the guys at work and just bypassed the vacuum amplifier junk completely. So now one port goes to the distributor and one goes to the transmission. I've noticed no real downfall yet.

It actually does seem to run better, but how much better is hard to say. I think I'm pretty close to getting it running as well as I can at this point and I'll either have to accept that or ditch out of the entire plan. Currently I'm not planning to ditch out.

One annoying side note that has occured is a whining. Sometimes I might even call it a whistling. Which could obviously be some sort of vacuum leak. But if it's a WHINE, then I seem to wonder if it's the new power steering pump or possibly the alternator. It seems to be coming from the front area.

Anyway, I feel my focus now shifting to the exhaust. Which leaks. The exhaust manifold gasket on the passenger side doesn't look that bad, but I think one corner is leaking. Then there's the Y-Pipe that someone apparently cut at some time and put a flex pipe in. That flex pipe leaks pretty nicely. The only part of the exhaust system that seems fine is the muffler, but I get into that 'Well, I might as well just do it all' mindset. I'm looking at $250 when it's all said and done with shipping. That's an awful lot of money to me.

BUT, in theory, I spend that money, do that work, and then all that's left to buy is a new master cylinder and I'll probably be confident enough to start living in this thing. Hahaha. Maybe in the end I just have a damn fine vehicle to sell to someone. "Look at all them new parts!"

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