Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Change of Plans

Machine shop took a look at my heads. With labor and new components they steered me towards just buying remanufactured heads. So, that is what I've done. I won't be getting them until next week so I won't be up and running this weekend as hoped. Cost is also more than triple what I was expecting. But at that point when I've got everything torn apart what options do I really have?

Turning into an expensive little motorhome but considering what people pay for RVs these days I'm still doing exceptionally well.

I have returned to edit this post to candidly admit that the financial cost of today's turn of events has struck me quite hard mentally. However, I find myself strangely driven forward. Knowing that all of this should equal a more dependable motorhome in the end. Also, for whatever reason, I'm more committed than ever to my dream of not only living in this motorhome but also reaching the point where I roam the country in seek of adventures of all kinds.

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