Saturday, March 30, 2013

Oh noes

For the last two weeks I've been training on new areas at my job. In the world of my specific company it's considered 'moving up', but I can't get over the feeling that I made a big mistake by allowing this change to happen. Work today actually wasn't all that bad but overall I'm still left thinking that it's either time to find a new job locally or else use this as an excuse to take a leap of faith and try to find a job elsewhere, or just take a super blind leap of faith and simply take off with no job lined up. Haha.

By all means I would hope to be doing something new, and hopefully be 'on the road' by fall of this year. If I could manage to stay at my current job that long and continue the limited spending plan I've been on lately then I could save up some decent money to hit the road with. I simply don't know if I can hold out that long anymore.

A very short, old motorhome popped up on the local craigslist about an hour ago. Actually, I just got distracted and googled the brand and a listing for the same motorhome from 2 and a half years ago popped up. Different sellers I think, and they're only asking $200 more for it now than it was listed for last time. This listing has a better list of what all is inside. They apparently put 0 miles on it since they bought it, which is a little worrisome.

Anyway, the motorhome seems to be quite a bit shorter than my van and not really the best setup in the world but since it is a real motorhome it has that extra little bit of width that makes a huge difference inside. And it's already built inside. Might need modifications, sure but it's all there and built. Oh, and it has all that overcab space too.

It's tempting. I probably won't do anything about it since I have my van and everything but if I was switching my plan to finding the easiest, quickest route to living in a vehicle then this motorhome would be it. Even if I'd just be living in parking lots locally and still working where I work. I'd be saving over $100/week in gas doing that.

Once again I am plagued by CHOICES and INDECISION.

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