Monday, March 4, 2013

New Headliner

I made myself a new headliner for the cab of the van over the weekend. The old stuff was falling down, and since it looks like I'll be taking my cats with me afterall I'm still trying to get rid of any materials that would let cat hair stick to it.

I used a plasticy canvas like fabric material. Also stuff my dad got from his work like my curtains are. There's a few bubbles in it and it's not perfect but for using the old cardboard headliner that had old glue and bits of the old headliner still on it here and there it turned out really well. Not to mention I did the entire project outside on the top of a dog house, in the snow. I really didn't expect it to work out as well or as easily as it did. It was supposed to be more of a quick experiment.

So anyway, cat hair should be less of a problem and a quick wipe down every now and then should be able to keep this new headliner nice and clean.

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