Saturday, November 24, 2012

Yay for Craigslist

Yesterday I put the bench seats from the van on craigslist. Originally for $20 for a few hours and then changed to FREE. Today I met up with a nice guy who has the same van without the high top and he took the seats from me. Finally I have space in the back of the van. After months of working around them and taking them in and out a dozen times.

With the seats out of the back I was finally able to clean up a bit of the mess I've been making and I finished up the floor too.

I'm proud to say today I made all cuts and did all drilling with my solar setup. No grid power at all.
That's all I did today. Got rid of the seats and put down the skinny piece and the big piece in the very rear. It's COLD out there. Wind chill in the 20's.
At this point I really need to sit down and plan out the interior now. Some people might think I should have done that long ago. Haha. I've had a vague idea that has changed over time. I'd like to get things on paper now and really measure things out. 

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