Sunday, November 11, 2012

Uneventful Sunday

Such a beautiful day. Wind was a bit much, but up into the 60's and I wouldn't be surprised if that's the last of the 60's for a while. With the sun shining brightly up here (weak sun this time of year where I'm at) my charge controller was showing a full charge by 10 or 11. The battery wasn't very low to begin with. I ran my laptop off of it for about a half hour last night and it had been sitting on Walmart's shelf for 2 months. The sun is almost down for the day and I really could get a very small amount done, and I should, but I probably won't be getting out there.

Besides monitoring the charge controller a little today and just taking the van for a 7 mile loop, I didn't get anything done on the van. I topped out at 65mph on my test drive and the panels are still there! Didn't budge a centimeter from what I can tell. I'll leave them there for my 25 mile drive to work tomorrow. Check them during my lunch break. It's supposed to snow tomorrow. Yuck. The van needs new front tires very soon now that snow is threatening.

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