Friday, November 9, 2012


If I'm not careful, it will be a whole month since I've last posted here. Oh noes!

Since my last update I've insulated the passenger side, paneled the passenger side with 1/4" plywood, paneled the top two thirds of the driver's side, and got about a quarter of the ceiling in the rear fully insulated and paneled.

An update on the trash bags around the sheet foam covering the windows. I went a couple weeks and in the beginning I thought it looked fine, but as time went on and I had seen plenty of sunlight shining on the windows at different angles and whatnot I decided the wrinkles in the plastic showed up too well. Last weekend I took the insulation back out, took off the trash bags, and used regular old flat black spray paint on the foam. I think it was 'valspar economy' spray paint, from Lowes. The spray paint did very minimal damage to the foam and I was very pleased with the result. I did 4 or 5 coats.

Hopefully I'll update again at the end of the weekend but my goals for this weekend, as of right now, are to finish paneling the bottom section of the driver's side and also finish insulating and paneling the rest of the ceiling. I want to get my solar panels installed before I finish off the ceiling though.

Now here's a few pictures!

Upper part of the passenger side paneled.

Passenger side paneled.

Foam that covers the windows painted flat black.

Upper part of driver's side paneled.

Rear quarter of ceiling fully insulated with wood framing.
Rear quarter of ceiling paneled.

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