Sunday, January 4, 2015

Radio Silence

All has been quiet around these parts, but the world still moves forward.

YouTube videos have been non-existent, as they will continue to be until after I'm actually on the road.

Everything from the trailer was moved into the motorhome and made it a mess. I've been slowly dealing with that, but the massive clutter really caused me to drag my feet.  Most of it has now been shoved into corners of the RV to be dealt with later on down the road. I'm going to start moving the 'every day' things from my room in there soon. So things are getting close.

I guess I never mentioned it here, but the p-trap for the shower drain had a massive crack in it. Don't know if I just never noticed until recently. I've never really used the shower yet. Fixing that ended up being a hell of a project. Tracking down the right parts, trying to find parts for a sub-par fix.. and then in the end just doing it more-or-less "right". All through the holidays too so the RV shops kept being closed. I couldn't find the black ABS pipe anywhere but the RV shops.

As far as I know I fixed the problem, but I haven't tried running any liquid through it yet. I also noticed the pipe that goes from the grey water tank to the dump valve has a hair line crack. I'm not going to fix it before I leave. Hopefully it won't leak too quickly. It's too cold for the pipe cement now anyway.

My attention has also been on the entry door lock. It was fickle and only worked when it wanted to. I took it apart, lubed things up, and tried to fix it. In the process of trying to lock it from the outside, the lock cylinder broke off completely. I replaced it with a "RV Designer" (trimark) T507. I needed to use a Dremel to cut away some of the door frame (and door) to accommodate the dead bolt. The T505 model doesn't have a dead bolt, and would have been easier, but I kind of wanted one. It was dark and rainy so I still need to make a few minor adjustments on this but the door closes and locks just as it is, which is more than I could say for the old Bargman L300 lock that used to be on there.

Another fun thing I did a while back that I never mentioned. I haven't had a rearview mirror since I bought the thing. I never really cared. But I've had this mirror from my first car (66 Falcon) rolling around for a while so I decided to put it in the RV. I like it.

Tongue in cheek.. I'm thinking a week or two I'm going to be taking off. Meaning YouTube would be resuming in two or three. My videos are going to be running a delay purposefully.


  1. Where you thinking of taking off to?

    1. South. :) Probably making an initial dash to Tennessee then slowing down. Wish I'd be headed out west but probably not for a while. Need to conserve money by traveling slow.

  2. Replies
    1. No, no! Just got back today from my first SHORT (day and a half) excursion in the motorhome. Came back for mothers day. Plus its going to take some adjustment. Felt a little depressed out there but paid the $13 for a spot at a state park yesterday so I had somewhere legit to park and had a blast.

    2. I do plan to stay in the state for now though. Even though it might be better to just throw myself deep into it, but I'm a cautious man.