Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sold my vintage travel trailer

My beloved travel trailer has entered the realm of pictures and memories tonight. The above pictures are a combination of Kansas and Iowa, years ago. It was in much the same shape, but with a much dirtier exterior when I sold it tonight. 

I listed it for $650 on Thursday. A really amazing price for what it was. But I was aiming for a quick sale and it's December. Not an ideal time to be selling these things. I wanted to get it out of the yard before any snow came back. It has all melted for the time being. Had a lot of out-of-state interest, but I didn't want to mess with that. I showed it to two groups yesterday. The first group I didn't think I'd hear from again. The second group pretty much said they'd buy it, but needed to see if they could borrow someone's truck to tow it home. They backed out hours later. Surprisingly the first group emailed back last night asking for some measurements and came to look at it again this morning. Again, left and said they'd call me later. They actually did though, and hauled it out this evening! 

Pretty happy, really. Now I can shift focus back to the motorhome. Figuring out what can stay inside of it, and what needs to go. 

I am officially a week ahead of schedule on the sale of the trailer. I was going to sell it by the 14th, no matter what.

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