Saturday, September 14, 2013

Today is Saturday

Pretty impressed that I managed to get all four shocks replaced on the motorhome today. I didn't even start until around 2pm. The rear shocks were a breeze. In and out in only about 15 minutes per side. I didn't have to jack it up, or do anything fancy. Easiest shocks I've ever replaced, and I'm a big fan of that.

Front shocks were more difficult. Mostly due to accessibility reasons. I did end up using the sawzall to chop the top nut off the driver's side. Made things go a lot faster. I got it all done in about 3 hours I think. I do have a short video for youtube that I plan to upload about it but it's really not that great. I didn't get any photos though. Maybe I'll take some tomorrow and add them to this post.

The motorhome still drives and handles like a boat but I think the tires might hold the road a little better, and overall I feel more confident knowing that all the shocks are brand new. The old ones didn't extend back out on their own at all. Completely frozen up.

Did I ever end up mentioning that I replaced the headlight switch? It used to work, but the twist function to dim or brighten the dash lights would cause them to flicker off completely. Also, one day while driving with the lights on there was a weird smell and I noticed the knob for the headlight switch was too hot to touch for more than a second at a time. Now it all works perfectly. I planned to reuse the original knob but it wasn't long enough to snap into the new switch for some reason. So I bought a new knob and rod that I had to cut to length. Looks fine and should hold up, even though the new knob is plastic instead of the nice metal that the original was. I'm one of those people that likes to drive with their lights on all the time, so this was an important fix for me.

I'm running out of excuses to not drive the motorhome on a more regular basis with increasing distances. I have Tuesday off, so I'm thinking I might drive the motorhome to go geocaching or find a trail to hike somewhere.

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