Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Now That's a Shocker

If you didn't catch it before, I currently work at an auto parts store. Which, thankfully, makes any repairs on the van or motorhome substantially easier on the wallet, though still costly. I also, very regularly, hear a million horrible puns. (That's shocking, you look exhausted, strutting your stuff, etc)

Today's horrible pun is the title of this post about, none other, shocks for the motorhome. I have four new shocks in my possession, and with any luck I'll have them installed this weekend. To be honest I've done nothing more than give a quick glance at the rear shocks. Other than the likely old and rusty mounting bolts, they should be a breeze. Massive amounts of clearance and space in which to work. Front shocks I haven't looked at ever, and might be challenging to reach, but I'm not sure yet.

Yesterday I took the motorhome for another drive. Around a bit and then to the gas station once more. This time I actually put 22 gallons or so in there. My confidence continues to grow. With the new shocks I'm hoping it will almost be darn near delightful to drive. Right now it's awful on back roads. I learned that on my first trip out with it when I hit a small dip in the road and I pretty much took flight. Now if I see anything that even remotely looks like a dip in the road up ahead I slow down to 10mph. Not exactly a safe driving technique.

The ONLY other thing after the shocks that I could see myself replacing are the front brake shoes and rotors. Once they warm up there's a decent amount of shaking. Warped rotors, I'm sure. Another $100, but when you think about it isn't bad. A brake job on a motorhome with parts and labor could easily be 5 times more, I'd imagine. However, I plan to hold off on the brakes until I drive it around more and get a full grasp on the situation.

I really want to drive it to work a few times but it's a rough 25 mile, one way, journey. Lots of stop and go, lots of traffic. Lots could go wrong, so I'm fearful to take the plunge. Maybe the next time I work a Sunday since the traffic is so light.

I have a soft goal in my mind of the end of October, but I don't really see it happening. Unless that goal is simply to live in the RV and stay around the area, but then it will be cold and snowy. I actually find that the easier condition to deal with, especially with pets. But ice and salt and rust are my real concerns with driving the motorhome around this area in winter.

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