Saturday, July 6, 2013

Set back #37

Or something, I'm not actually counting the set backs. Thursday after work I was able to get (mostly) everything hooked back up and came to the point where I could fill the engine back up with coolant. Not long after I had most of the coolant in was when I noticed the 4 bolts on the ends of the exhaust manifolds were leaking coolant slowly. Crap. Also a slow line of coolant was forming around the thermostat housing gasket.

I went to a bad place that night. Feeling like a failure and like this whole project was turning into a giant, expensive mess.

I regrouped. Researched, talked to guys at work. Tonight after work I drained all the coolant again, took those four bolts out, and put some sealant on the threads. They have to sit for 24 hours to fully cure and then after that I can try adding coolant again to see what happens. I'm really hoping my leak is fixed after this. I'm feeling better about it all at this point, but there's still the potential for major failure.

Also checked out the thermostat gasket tonight. It's junk. I put the gasket on top of the thermostat instead of underneath, so when I tightened everything down the edge of the thermostat cut a line through the gasket. No big deal. A new gasket is less than $1.00 and I already have the coolant drained anyway.

The 24 hour mark on that thread sealant doesn't come until 8pm tomorrow so it's likely I won't be putting coolant in again until TUESDAY. No biggie. I've waited this long already on this project.

Right now I'm thinking I might possibly be able to get the Y Pipe hooked back up to the exhaust manifolds tomorrow, and also get that oil change out of the way. Then, all I'd be waiting for would be to add coolant before the big, scary moment. Trying to start it back up.


  1. Andy, while you're going through some "interesting" stuff refurbishing your rig, please don't give up as you're an inspiration to me, and I appreciate reading about all that you're doing. Kinda selfish on my part, but I think that in the end, we'll both be happy because you'll have a good running rig, and I'll not feel quite so intimidated about doing some of the same stuff later one if I need to do it. Hope you're having a great day,

    1. Thanks, Charley. I definitely appreciate it as I've been feeling uncertain about all of this lately. Just have to keep plugging along I guess!

      All of this has been doable by a normal person with a little research beforehand and determination during.

      Sure would be nice to have the money to buy a rig that I can just get in and go with, though. Which, ironically, was my intention when I upped my price a little and bought this one. Haha.