Monday, April 15, 2013


There's so many different people in the world. I'm fairly certain you can find people to back you up and support you no matter what your thinking is.

I went to bed last night shortly after my post because I was in a bad way and it wasn't going to get better unless I just went to sleep. Now knowing that you can find support no matter who you are should be a comforting thought but to me it kind of freaks me out. How do you ever know if you're doing it right, or even more dangerous how do you know there's even a right at all. Regardless, the internet has given me hope and inspiration to keep moving forward. Now that my ideas are shifting a little from vandwelling to a Class C RV I'm trying to find new blogs to read to stay motivated and keep my eye on the goal.

I actually did email the guy with the motorhome this morning and asked if he'd take $750 less than his asking price. I haven't heard back yet. As much as it would stink to turn down yet another motorhome all because of a few hundred bucks I think I'd probably have to if he doesn't take less. I have the money, but then I wouldn't be able to afford the sales tax or title and registration. And I'd be broke.

I've got my Crown Vic up on craigslist now. I've been thinking about fixing it for so long now, and it's never going to happen. I'm pretty close to slapping a ridiculously low price on it just to get it out of here. I took some pictures of my van too, but it's not on craigslist yet. I think I probably will be putting it up there though. Just to see if anyone is at all interested in it.

Just feeling like I need to start getting rid of stuff. If I do happen to end up with a motorhome I need to get rid of a few things just to have somewhere to park it while I make the transition to fulltiming in it. That, and I went with my mom and helped her buy a car off CL today, so there's another vehicle in the yard too. Time to start thinning MY stuff. I need to get it done while I'm in the right frame of mind that everything must go.


  1. have you heard back from him yet?

    1. Nope. Kind of puts me in an awkward position of wondering if he read it and is ignoring me or if he just doesn't check his email. I do kind of get the feeling that he prefers dealing over the phone and probably doesn't check his email very often. I'm not good at offering significantly lower prices on things in person, or even on the phone. I'll probably end up having to call him. I don't know.