Saturday, February 23, 2013

Curtain Pictures

I finally got some pictures of the curtains today, and got more of the new curtain 'hardware' installed.

Wouldn't you know it, I had a few other pictures I wanted to add but I didn't get them ready to post. One was a comparison of my old mounting method, which was those white curtain rod things you can buy from anywhere. They curve out and the result was a large open space at the top of the door. That's the number one reason why I went to this system, which as you can see is just a dowel stuck into two screw eyes. That black part is a rubber chair leg tip you can buy from the store. Just because of the way things lined up and everything I had to cut the rubber tip in half and only use part of it, BUT I found out I only needed to do that on the door directly behind the front passenger door. On the rest I could use the full rubber tip the way I intended.
I have one more window to do (directly behind the driver's seat) and the big curtains between the cab and the rear but the van is currently to messy to do the one behind the driver's seat. Yikes. And I'm still brainstorming how to hang the big curtains.

There you have it. Nothing too fancy or special but they're thicker than the ones I bought from the store, are custom made to fit, and I like them.


  1. i bought a set of those white curtain rods today to see if the would work for me. the previous owner had them jerry rigged in there all crazy and i want to put them on rods. i only bought one set in case they didn't work out. hopefully the work better for me than they did for you. i'll be able to attach them to the wood above and below the windows so im sure i won't have the same issue. love the curtains! great job:)

  2. Thanks. I don't think they're too bad for my first real sewing project and a big roll of fabric my dad got from his work for $10. I'm sure the white rods will work fine for you. They would have, and did, work just fine for me on the rear door and the side window but for the side doors there just wasn't enough space to attach things to.