Saturday, January 12, 2013


I can get a little dramatic when things don't go as planned.

I had just talked myself into sticking with the van and spending the money to fix things. Then today I replaced the belt tensioner and it wasn't my problem.  Suddenly I'm looking at more costs to replace other things and I freak out. I've just spent the last year fixing thing after thing on my other car before I finally realized it was never getting better. Each time I fixed one problem another would surface. So that possibility with the van freaks me out.

The transmission started slipping this last week. And there's a squeaking that was supposed to be the tensioner but now I'm figuring water pump. I made the discovery that my sloppy steering looks to be due to the steering gear and not the 'easier' front end components that also need to be replaced.

So I'm still wishy washing it on my game plan at this point.

I only know that this year I will hit the road again. One way or the other. Plans are changing and coming and going but in the end it will be. I'm being crushed with my current stagnant life situation.

My laptop screen died a few weeks ago. That's another reason why I haven't updated. I have a new screen coming next week. Part of me likes not having a computer readily available though, other than my phone of course.

Oh yeah and with the new tensioner now when I put the van in reverse or neutral there's a weird growling. The belt seems to be on correctly and it seems to be coming from the transmission maybe. If that's the case I might be without any car to get to work very soon.

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