Sunday, January 27, 2013

A little lighter

First a quick note that I changed out that belt tensioner again and so far so good. No noises. Give it a week before I'm too excited about it being fixed though.

Yesterday I finally sold one of my projects that have been taking up way too much physical space in my parents' yard and an equal amount of space in my mind. I bought it back in 2006, put a lot of time and money into making it run and stop and then gradually slowed down and it's just been sitting there ever since. It's followed me around for years. Back when I lived in an apartment I had a storage garage for it, then I moved it to my own yard when I bought a house, and then a year or two ago when I lost my house it was moved here to my parents' yard. Now it's gone! And none too soon. I have had it on craigslist for months now. Nothing ever panned out and trying to sell things tires me greatly. I had finally reached the point on it where if the guy didn't buy it yesterday I was going to stop trying to sell it and start working on it again. But he bought it. Which is awesome because do I really have the time and money to work on it? Probably, but at the expense of other opportunities.

Big items like this that take up a lot of time and space and mental real estate are one of the reasons I've always come back to Michigan shortly after I finally break away and go somewhere else for a while. I have a few more big things to sell. It's very difficult for me to part with things though.

Oh hey, I almost forgot. I did what I consider to be one of my first real stints of vandwelling last night. Not very exciting but I hung out in a Walmart parking lot for an hour in the back of my van. I just needed to get away from the house and had no where to go. I feel like I don't get any alone time anymore and I desperately need it. It's amazing how even just an hour of sitting in the back of a van in a parking lot makes you realize what needs to be done next or needs to be high on the priority list.

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