Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Slow Start

Van things continue to go slowly, if not entirely non-existant.

Yesterday I was able to get most of the items being stored in the back of the van out of there. Sadly, this means my travel trailer now has more junk in it. I still need to find somewhere to put the two bench seats I'm removing. I should probably just get rid of them. Craigslist or free or whatever. I guess there's still enough doubt in my plans that I feel like I should keep them around.

That's basically all I've done. I went around to some self serve junkyards yesterday looking for power window switches for my sister's car. One of them had a bunch of old vans, and even a class B motorhome. It was an old Transvan and it was nasty and scary inside. I poked around but didn't see anything too worthwhile.

Right now I'm researching flooring and wall insulation options.

Oh, I guess I did rip out all the back carpet yesterday. It's been kind of rolled up towards the front for a while but I finally cut it out. I left the carpet up in the cab area.

Anyway, back when I used to own a house the basement would leak when it rained. Basically the slope away from the house wasn't there and the water would pool in the window well and then leak in the window. This caused the entire finished basement to be ripped out. I researched a lot on subfloors for basements back then because I planned to eventually refinish everything. Never did.

I'm toying with the idea of the basement subflooring systems in the van. Simply, they're a layer of dimpled or designed plastic to create air pockets for moisture to evaporate in, and also act as a moisture barrier from the actual plywood on top. I've seen no mention of this on any van sites or groups. I like the idea, especially since I've already been putting  sheet metal down over rusted through holes in the metal floor of the van. My main hold up is not knowing the insulation situation in that setup.

Research continues.

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