Sunday, July 29, 2012

It's been a while.

Hello, there. It's been a while since I've been around these parts. I'm probably not back for very long.

Last time I posted I was working a terrible job at Toys R Us. But it made me enough money to scrape together a cheap van purchase as my previous entry showed. And I had just been changed to 'permanent' employment instead of 'seasonal'. Turns out 'permanent' at TRU after the holidays means one day a week, and only 4 hours. Luckily a few weeks after my last post I was contacted by a company I had applied for back in November. I got the job. It's not a great job, but it's good enough to make me stick around for a while I guess.

That said, I didn't make it to Yellowstone this summer. They apparently had issues with a van being an 'RV', or at least the one lady on the phone did. So I would have had to take my car and travel trailer and in the end I backed out due to 'car issues'.

So I'm still back living with my parents. I work so far away from here that 20% of each paycheck goes directly towards gas for my car to get there and back 5 days a week. That frustrates me. And there's some other forces happening that make me put a lot of thought into the van these days.

Basically, the van has just been sitting there for the last 6 months. The extent of any work I've done to it is limited to putting some sheet metal patches over holes in the floor in the back. Lots of holes. Rust. Blech. The tires were also junk. Two of them were pretty much separating and I'm just lucky they never blew apart on the handful of times I drove it around. I found a really nice pair of Michelin's on craigslist for $100. I'm still looking for another pair of the same tires for the front. This past week I bought a new battery because the old one turned to junk in the last 6 months. And yesterday I put a new belt on because it had a very minor squeal/squeak. The old belt had cracks all over in it.

Another project this spring was stripping an old vehicle of mine to put the engine and everything in a different body. Well, this has left the van with a wide assortment of parts inside with no where else to store them. Kind of hinders any forward motion with the van until I can get those out of there.

The main plan I want to start pursuing and getting serious about is the van. Custom build the back of it into a living space. I think for now I'm planning to keep my current job, even though I'm getting frustrated and restless there. But overall, I don't have much of a plan. Living with my parents has drained the life out of me or something. I see no future now. My job doesn't make enough to move out on my own, but I'm pretty sure I don't plan on staying here forever.

The van seems to make the most sense.

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