Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A delay and possible changes

The new engine was supposed to go in between Sunday and Monday, but it did not. It should be closer to being ready to go in, but it's not. I ended up having to buy a few more parts, one of which (vibration damper) I had to get from the internet and won't be here until tomorrow. Without that part installed I can't put the new engine in anyway. I could, but it'd be way harder to put on with the engine installed.

I only have this next Monday off but with any luck I'll be able to get the new engine put together (oil pump, pan, timing cover, vibration damper, etc) and into the motorhome. I don't plan on getting everything hooked back up but as long as I get the main engine block installed I'd be really happy. Bonus points for getting the transmission back in place too. Everything else after that can be done with a little time here and there.

I want to take my time and make sure I'm doing it all properly too. I'm really anxious about trying to start it up for the first time and the break in period to follow.

Possible changes on the work front. After two and a half years, and from starting as delivery driver to now being assistant manager. I fully intended to stick it out through the end of September. That was my great new plan as of a few months ago. However, things continue to go down hill, and the speed in which it's happening is increasing. The way it's looking right now, I might just be putting in my two week notice next week. I have nothing planned. No back up. All I have is my vacation pay that would be paid to me, and my 401k that I would cash out.

From there, who knows. Hopefully the motorhome would be in tip top shape. Might shift all of my focus for a while on making YouTube videos, and blogging here, and a few other travelish related business ideas. I know of one place, one job, where I'd probably always be welcomed back if I really had to.

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