Monday, January 27, 2014

First Metal Detecting Find!

It's still snowing. And it's down right cold around here. Last week I did a little metal detecting under the pine trees not far from the house because the snow is much shallower there. The ground, of course, is absolutely frozen as well but it's diggable with a little effort.

My first find, luckily, was a 1920 Wheat Penny! Pure luck. The next one a few feet away was a 1977. And then I found a 2001 dime. With the extreme cold and frozen ground that's probably about all the digging I'll be doing until things thaw.

I did give into my impulses though and I bought a Garrett Ace 250 metal detector. The things I found above were with the first detector I bought off of craigslist. It was and still is a perfectly capable detector.

Some other things in the works. Not necessarily related to RVing or anything really. I think I'm planning to do a video series on this, possibly some blog posts, but I will do delayed publishing with them. In case things fall apart too quickly so I can just pretend it never happened and never post them. Mwahaha.

Oh yeah! Almost forgot to mention that I did my first attempt at Coin Roll Hunting today too. I found $40 worth of half dollars at one of the local banks. I didn't find anything worth anything or notable in any way. I'll probably keep doing that now and then though. It's like playing the lotto but you almost never lose money. My kind of odds, plus I like the idea of scratch off tickets but you can end up losing too much with them.

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