Monday, November 11, 2013

Major Lacking

Major lack of updates, and pictures for those updates. I apologize. I've done a few more YouTube  videos since my last update here but still not much.

I'm coming off 5 days off from work. Before that I worked 8 days in a row and I go back tomorrow to do 8 days in a row again. Back when I worked at a greenhouse I worked 22 days in a row, but I was in desperate need of money. 8 days is a little much for me now.

Since my last update I've gotten the solar panels installed on the motorhome. Like last time I used 3M double sided tape to mount them on the roof. I also redid the entire propane system on the motorhome, including a new regulator.

A few days ago I tried to put everything away and secure the inside of the motorhome so I could take it for a drive. Still not that far, but it had been a while since I had driven it at all. The solar panels stayed right where they were supposed to. I'm still bummed by how exhausty and rich it smells all the time.

So, there's that. I'd like to say updates will get better soon but winter is on my doorstep and the motorhome will soon be trapped in snow.

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